RAM® Mounts Strengthens Partnership with Samsung and OtterBox to Enable GDS® Tech™ Charging and Docking Capabilities for Galaxy S10 | RAM Mounts Blog

RAM® Mounts Strengthens Partnership with Samsung and OtterBox to Enable GDS® Tech Charging and Docking Capabilities for Galaxy S10

The new GDS® module for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and compatible OtterBox uniVERSE case provides a standardized ecosystem for a variety of business requirements

Seattle, WA – March 8, 2019
RAM® Mounts, the industry leader in mobile mounting solutions, announces continued partnerships with Samsung and OtterBox to enable the GDS® module accessory, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S10e device. Paired with a compatible OtterBox uniVERSE case, the GDS® module securely attaches to the Galaxy S10’s type-c port, providing ruggedized charging and docking capabilities – ideal for a variety of business applications including field service, public safety, and transportation.

“RAM® Mounts is excited to partner with Samsung and OtterBox on solutions for their latest flagship devices. Enterprises demand the latest in technology, and now we have an ecosystem to support them,” says Jake Parker, Director of Business Development for RAM®.

Samsung Galaxy S10 RAM Mounts

With the GDS® module connected, users can charge, dock, and sync the Galaxy S10 using the GDS® Ecosystem. The GDS® line of products features pogo pin technology designed to protect the charging port of numerous consumer phones and tablets across desktop, multi-device, and in-vehicle GDS® Docks. This version of the GDS® module is designed specifically for use with the Galaxy S10 and OtterBox uniVERSE case system, ensuring the Galaxy S10 is ruggedized for use in the most demanding commercial settings.

“We see the industry being hyper-focused on mobility with a constant demand for greater functionality; customers are asking for solutions that enable DeX in-vehicle, that are supported by a holistic ecosystem of workflow enablement products. We believe we’ve achieved that by partnering with Samsung, OtterBox and other uniVERSE device partners,” says Andrew DeDonker, Director of Marketing at RAM®.

GDS® Technology is fully compatible with Samsung DeX, allowing users to easily transform their phone into a mobile office. With RAM® Mounts Compatible solutions such as the in-vehicle mounting bracket, users can connect GDS® Dock, GDS® Keyboard, and GDS® View accessories to enable DeX directly from the Galaxy S10 and GDS® OtterBox uniVERSE module. When the user returns to the office, simply transfer the Galaxy S10 and GDS® module to a GDS® desktop docking solution.

About RAM® Mounts

Introduced in 1995, RAM® Mounts is a leading manufacturer of rugged and versatile mounting systems, protective cases, and docking solutions for mobile devices that can be attached nearly anywhere. The unique design of the RAM® Mounts system provides quick installation, adjustability, strength, vibration dampening, and durability – all at a low cost. RAM® Mounts uses powder-coated marine-grade aluminum with lightweight and high-strength composites, stainless steel hardware, and rubber balls.

RAM® Mounts is a division of National Products, Inc. with offices and manufacturing facilities located in Seattle.

About GDS® Technology

The GDS® platform provides protection, charging, and data sync capabilities across a wide range of phones and tablets, making it a perfect solution for business applications like agriculture, fleet transportation, material handling, retail, and much more. With GDS® Compatible IntelliSkin® protective sleeves and GDS® Tech pogo pin technology-enabled docks and accessories, the GDS® Ecosystem simplifies the process of upgrading devices while taking advantage of a standardized charging platform.